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NSDL Reflections @ JCDL 2013

Visit our poster (#150) at the JCDL conference in Indianapolis, Ind., on Wednesday, July 24 at 5:30 pm.

The poster summarizes the final report and findings from the workshop.



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NSDL Community Revisits Pathways to Progress


In 2011, NSF provided the Reflections project with supplemental funding to revisit the Pathways to Progress vision. To do so, Cathy Manduca, Dave Mogk, Sarah Holsted and I have invited many of the original group of visionaries who helped to frame that document in 2000, to meet together to consider how that vision has changed, morphed and grown since then.

We have invited 20 plus members of the original workgroup members as well as a number of more recent NSDL community members to meet over three days to explore questions such as:

  • How has the original vision for the NSDL been realized?
  • How has it developed over time?
  • What new knowledge has been generated as a result of the project?
  • In what areas has the NSDL succeeded? What are its future challenges?
  • How does the NSDL relate to future cyberlearning programs?

After considering these questions, our aim is to produce an online document that reflects back on what we’ve learned about our community and how what we’ve learned can inform the next generation of collaborative projects such as the NSDL, digital libraries in general, and future projects that focus on e-learning, cyber-learning and dissemination of STEM innovations.

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NSDL Rethinks It’s Digital Library

Recently, an article titled NSDL Rethinks It’s Digital Library was published in Science that discussed the state of the NSDL and described some of the ‘rethinking’ that has been going on regarding it. While this article has certainly opened up the discussion, it is limited.

As part of the NSDL Reflections project we are inviting you to help us extend and expand that discussion.

We invite you to respond to the question:

How do you see the history of the NSDL and its future differently from that described in the article?

There are a multitude of sub-questions branching out from the main one, and we invite you to examine any and all that you consider important.

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Welcome to NSDL Reflections!

We are collecting the "reflections" on the collaborative development of the National Science Digital Library (NSDL). This site is a place for NSDL participants to “tell the story” of how they think NSDL was formed, grew and is continuing to grow. And for the community to discuss and learn from these reflections.

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